Update: My Boss

A couple weeks ago I got a call from my boss’s husband that she isn’t doing well (again/still). So I took over the business for her yet again, the week before my surgery. I like the work and I need the money, but mostly I really hope she’s better soon. This time I’m not so naive to believe that she’s coming back to work at the business. And honestly sometimes it’s much easier for me just to take care of everything instead of having to worry about what she has done, hasn’t done, or messed up. But on the same note it’s hard to do it from out of state! Her husband covered for me while I had my surgery and rested this weekend, but he didn’t actually do anything so I have a bunch of extra work to make up this week. It’s kind of crazy and makes me angry how he is totally not supportive of her and the business. Instead of calling clients back and answering their emails he just forwarded them to me. I’m not sure what use it was for me to take off four days if I was just going to do the work anyway! I’m still working hard to grow this business and it shows. But sometimes I feel like I’m the only one still invested!


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