Being Together

As we prepare and train for our future adoptive match(es), we keep reading and learning from other adoptive/foster parents. Because Pennsylvania works hard to license prospective families quickly and efficiently, we are looking at being licensed by the end of June I suspect. I think three months was the quickest that the agency said was possible, while some take as long as six months depending on paperwork. Most of our application is complete, the references are being checked, and most of the clearances have already come back. We have a day of PRIDE training and then our adoption training but hopefully one if not both of those will be scheduled before our next meeting with the agency director on June 5th. I am in the middle of reading The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis. I think it’s brilliant and helpful no matter what situation you are faced with your biological, adopted or foster children. I have also been reading up on how to ease transitions. Our three year old has difficulty with transitions, and we use a number of strategies to cope. I found this excellent blog post regarding the first day a foster child is placed in your home. While some of the circumstances may be different for our situation (we may have visits prior to placement in the home), there are over-arching themes and issues to be addressed in order to make children feel comfortable in your home. Take a look! I think she does a great job of covering her bases with her new foster children.



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