Update: My Boss

I took over for my boss at the end of April/May 1st. She spent 24 days at her brother’s house in Wisconsin, detoxing and shopping and doing all sorts of fun things while I ran her business from three states away. Not only ran her business, but grew her business. Now, she’s off for 10 days on a family trip to Germany. Anyone have bets on her sobriety when she gets back?? I just don’t know how healthy she can get going back to her husband who socially drinks most evenings and her boys, who are newly legal and drink like college kids drink. I feel badly for her because she is so lost in her disease. I feel badly because I remember her when she was lively and brilliant. Now her sparkle is all gone and she’s lost. Lost in her addiction and ego and depression. I hope for her to get better but I just don’t see it happening in her current environment. And I would hate for her to go back to her brother’s house for another month if she just can’t face reality. She needs to get sober in her current life, and that includes her husband being supportive of her addiction and sobriety. Until that happens, I will be running her business. Which includes being on call 24/7, holiday or no holiday, surgery or no surgery. Sigh. Good thing is I just signed on a new client! Lots of work for this holiday weekend. Enjoy your three days off (if you have it), and remember those who have gone before us in support of our freedoms. 


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