Long Weekend

This weekend was super long for me. And no, it wasn’t because it was a three day weekend and muffin had no school. Last Thursday I had my TB test done as part of my physical/health history for our foster/adoption agency. I went back Saturday morning to have it read. My mom noticed it looks pretty irritated but I figured I just got lotion in it or something. Well, sure enough, the nurse started drawing marks and measuring the lump and my test was positive!! Lordy. So since it was a long weekend I had to wait to get my chest x-ray/blood test to determine whether I actually have TB or just the latent TB infection. It was a long three days. I was trying to figure out where I could have possibly gotten infected, and whether anyone else from my family is infected (re: my daughter). I also am concerned how this will affect our fostering. Sigh. Since I have absolutely 0 symptoms of TB, it is my educated guess that I have the latent infection, and will have to go on a round of 9 months of antibiotics. Loads of fun. I am hopeful that it is a false positive but I’m not sure how that would come about. I am sure that my husband will need to be tested, and if he is positive then it is our guess that we got it at one of my recent hospital stays. It was a bummer of a long weekend, as I felt very uneasy and concerned about how this will all play out. I also really don’t want to have TB!! It’s a very nasty disease.


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