References, Check

Our next meeting with the foster agency is next Thursday, so I emailed the director/our specialist to see how things were coming along. She said that all of our references are in and my mental health statement is in. She said she needs our health histories (mine is mostly done, just waiting on the darn x-ray results and hubby is going tomorrow for his). She also said that my mom, who has done just the child abuse clearances for North Carolina, will need both the NC state police clearance and the FBI clearance. So we are working out how to get those done now! The director wasn’t quite sure how to secure out-of-state clearances so I did some research online for her. Sounds like we’re moving along…

I have finished reading through the seven sections of PRIDE and I have done all of the homework worksheets. I still need to do the CPR training and testing online, otherwise I have completed all of the application! I’m excited at how quickly this is moving along but I am still just ready to start finding a match… Maybe it’s just thinking of three months of summer alone with a crazy three year old who is missing her school friends. I’ve been doing a lot of research on local library programs, bounce house memberships and children’s museums, but I know she will truly miss spending three mornings a week with her friends at school! We’ve made friends with a family up the street who have two children close in age to Little One, and I told that mom that we need to make our playdates regularly scheduled for the summer so we don’t both go crazy. She was totally on board so we’ll see how that ends up working out! I scheduled Little One for a week-long soccer camp for three and four year olds, but that is a half hour each morning for five days. Maybe that will tire her out for a week!



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