The Nanny Search

So, I am sad to say, our time with Miss Leslie has come to an end. It’s been about three weeks since she’s been here last. Because of my surgery my mom’s been here. I’ve kept in touch, finding out about all of her doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds and making sure she is feeling okay. I always told her that I would be a back up for her three kids should anything happen or she needs a break. Luckily they are between the ages of 11 and 15 so they’re pretty self sufficient on the days she needs to rest.

We met at a local park to talk things over and so Little One could see her. For a woman pregnant with triplets three weeks is a long time! She’s 10 weeks pregnant but looks 30 weeks because of the triplets. She’s really popped out! Her doctor told her that she’ll be on bed rest in July. So before all the good nannies/babysitters have been snatched up for the summer (maybe most have already), I posted an ad and I’m interviewing new candidates this week! I still am only looking for about ten hours a week like Miss Leslie helped except for a little more on weeks that I have appointments or heavy work load. We prefer someone that can help year-round and not just for the summer but I’m not sure that will happen. I am interviewing three girls and one can only do it for the summer but so far she’s my favorite.

It’s tough to say goodbye to Miss Leslie. She’s been such a help and someone I could truly trust with Little One. After being a mom to three, with her two boys being autistic, she has a wonderful spirit and demeanor with kids. I never worried about having a health emergency because I knew I could count on her. I know we will keep in touch, we’ve been so close for the past three months. It sucks having to train a new person!! I’m hoping that she’ll be able to come back to us in January after she has the babies.


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