What Happens at the Library

Little One and I go to the public library every other week to take back borrowed books and borrow some new ones. It’s the only way I can keep her attention at bed time, we need an ever-revolving cache of books. She’s past board books now so it’s fun to introduce her to classics like “Where the Wild Things Are” and various Dr Seuss books. We usually walk because it’s less than a mile from our house but with my heart surgery we haven’t walked recently, because it involves going up and down pretty big hills. I’m still not supposed to be straining at all, so the past two times we’ve driven. Usually the library is very quiet and I’ve never gone to the children’s section when there was another family. Today there was a mom and two kids roughly Little One’s age, a boy and a girl. Little One is quite the social butterfly so she went right over and introduced herself. She also took the time to explain to them how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. That’s her big thing this week. Then she told them that God watches over them. She cracks me up! Everywhere she goes she sees potential new friends. It’s a refreshing way to look at life, that’s for sure!

I made small talk with the mom while I went about picking out some books for Little One, and the kids played with various toys they have in the children’s room. I’m not sure if the mom saw me pick out a book on adoption, but she asked me how old Little One is. She said her two were eight days apart, and that they are about to be four. I must have had a weird look on my face (they certainly didn’t look like twins!) so she said “they’re my foster children.” I almost fell over! What are the chances?

She proceeded to tell me way too much about the little girl’s situation, that they’ve had her since birth and now she’s four years old and not adopted. She went back with her biological father one time before abuse reoccurred, and she went to an aunt for 16 days before the mom got a lawyer and got her back as a kinship placement. She said she has biological children that are 15 years old, 21 years old and 22 years old, and she’s been fostering since 2008. She’s had babies and teens. At this point she prefers fostering children that are at least potty trained, she said she’s over the baby route, unless they  know they could adopt the child from the start.

In the county where I live she said the number of families they have doesn’t come close to what they need, so the number is something like each foster family has to have 2 or 3 foster kids just to have homes for all the kids in care. She got a call yesterday about a three year old but has her hands full with the two she has already so she hasn’t called the county back. She just got the boy on May 8th. I asked for her contact info because she said she does respite and has friends that do respite. She seemed like a pretty cool lady, despite giving me way too many details about the fostering situations. I hope we see her again at the library!


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