Being 3

Being three is hard. Little One wants to be so independent but she doesn’t have all the skills yet. So she gets frustrated. And she feels out of control. My mom left after helping us for a month after my surgery. Little One is mourning that loss. We have a new helper, Miss Sarah, so she’s mourning the loss of Miss Leslie. She’s done with school for the summer, so she’s mourning the loss of her friends. Her schedule and routine from the school year are done and out the window! We’re forging ahead with a new summer routine. It’s tough! She cried almost 45 minutes after she got up this morning. She was just plain sad. Nothing I could say or do to console her. She played long and hard with Miss Sarah today, only to throw a fit when she left. I put Little One in her room and sat on her floor, letting her scream and cry it out. Pretty soon, she was passed out and snoring! She hasn’t napped in over a month but today I think it was badly needed.


photo 1Drawing at the doctor’s office!

photo 2 photo 3

Playing in the dirt!

photo 4

Passed out after a tearful day.

Any of you mamas going crazy with kids home for the summer?


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