My Big Fat Mother-in-Law’s Wedding

First, let me say that my mother in law is not fat. She is quite skinny. But man, her wedding is big and fat! And, may I add, it is her third wedding!!! Eeek. I cringe every time I say that.

I don’t write about Hubby’s family much in this space, mostly because I don’t feel the inherent right to it like I do my own family. Doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and roses, but it could be a lot worse. We could have parents like mine on both sides and that would just be scary!!

Anyways, my mother in law is getting married in Canada this August. We love her fiance and he really is a great guy. He is from Canada (born there but lived his whole life in the U.S.) and his family owns property/cabin up there in Ottawa. It is in the middle of nowhere. So she is renting out a local “resort,” which I think is really an event space with cabins and boating on the lake. So all of us from her side of the family have to get/renew passports, which is super expensive ($110 for each grown up). Little One’s never had a passport so we have to get her one. I’m betting that at least one of her relatives will be too cheap/too lazy and not make the wedding because they didn’t have a passport!

So my MIL is renting out the whole resort for people to stay. I sent her some ideas of a “destination” dress that was hi-low style, which she asked me to send. Well, I haven’t seen the one she chose but in her words “it’s still destination but it’s a lot more formal.” Huh. And her fiance is wearing a tux. Little One’s flower girl dress came in the mail and seriously it looks like a mini cupcake wedding dress. It has a huge skirt and ruffles and flowers and it’s just over the top. My MIL also told my husband that she’s having tshirts made for all of the wedding guests! Hubby and his brother will be walking her down the aisle. Their wedding is going to be fancier than my wedding and she’s over 50 and it’s her third wedding! Eeeek. I just can’t think about it. What would Martha Stewart say? What would Emily Post say?

I am happy for them and don’t want to rain on their parade but every time I think of it I just cringe. It’s a logistical nightmare for everyone on her side of the family, especially for those of us with kids.


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