Horse Love

One of Little One’s treats for potty training was a promise to go horse back riding. Little One loves all animals, but she’s had a special place in her heart for horses. I found a local horse farm that has riding lessons for her age (only three years old) so I took her last Friday for a trial. It was awesome! I thought it was so cool and I wasn’t even the one doing the riding (although I would like to!). Her trainer started by having her lead the pony out from the field and into the stable. Once there Little One brushed him and picked his hooves. Then they got the pads and saddle on him and brought him into the indoor arena. She was so serious and listened to everything her trainer explained. She also was super happy to help the trainer. Once in the arena, the trainer adjusted the stirrups and off she went! She learned proper technique for holding the reigns, stopping, and did posting at some of her stops.

IMG_3216 IMG_3217


It was a beautiful day for a riding lesson!


Meeting the goats, who were super friendly and just wanted to be pet!


Leading Scooby inside!



Grooming him before the riding…


Ready to ride!

IMG_3251 Working on the right hold for the reigns.


She was so attentive and confident. We are going back this Friday and have been practicing all week!



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