Just Kidding!

We never made it to Raleigh yesterday. We waited for our flight but there were apparently some major mechanical issues (even though they flew it twice that morning!). So if we waited for them to fix it, we would have missed our connection to Raleigh. We were re-booked for today, leaving at 4 pm and getting into Raleigh at 7:50. Not really the optimal time (Little One is usually in bed by 8) but if we didn’t take that one we wouldn’t be going to Raleigh today either! So frustrating. I keep hearing more and more about people having delays and cancellations. It makes flying a real headache! I had delays on the same airline when I flew up here in December to go house hunting and it was very frustrating. I didn’t feel that badly for myself though, as there was a mother with her four (elementary aged) children and their dog, who were flying all the way to Texas! They had already given the dog tranquilizers for the flight so I’m not sure what the mom was going to do. I sure hope she had extra medicine! She said that they’ve been living in a hotel for a week and they are moving to Texas because her husband was relocated. The children were very well behaved. She was already exhausted and crying because they were leaving. So I had someone else to pity!

Here are a few shots from our last week. Enjoy!

photo 2 (2)

We have a new addition to our backyard! We got an above-ground pool! When we moved to Central Pennsylvania, I had never seen so many pools. No one in Raleigh has their own pool. We had our nice neighborhood pool and that was it. Well here the local pools have weird times and are expensive both to join or just for daily rates. The closest pool to us doesn’t open until 12:30 (we’ve usually had about 2 hours in the pool by then!) and the next closest one, which is a half hour away, doesn’t open until 11:30. Neither are very convenient, especially with the chance of summer afternoon storms. We are used to going home and walking back over to the pool after dinner. Well, now we can!

photo 1 (2)

Procuring some backyard supplies. The kids at school this year taught her to stick out her tongue and she thinks it’s hilarious!

photo 5 (1)

Building a fort of paper towels!

photo 3 (1)

Second riding lesson with Scooby and her posture is already better!

photo 2

Can’t shake her confidence either!

photo 3

Gotta love the friendly goats at the horse farm!

photo 4

Hubby and I found a great local vineyard. We got to have a tasting of 6 of their wines. His favorite was the Spiced Apple sweet wine and mine was the Sweet Red. Happy Birthday Hubby!



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