We Are Not Finished

Got an email from the foster agency yesterday. Remember that last form that had to be signed by the doctor and then we would be approved?

Yeah, now we have 3 more things we have to submit before approval!! It’s not a question of if we will be approved, but when.

Now we have to turn in a copy of our 2013 tax returns and copies of our most recent pay stubs to show that we are still working. Sigh. Wish I had known a week or two ago because I would have been able to do that quickly. We won’t be home until next Wednesday so I won’t be able to submit any of that until late next week. I guess we have to submit our tax returns because my Social Security Statement didn’t have my updated income for 2013 on it when I printed it out for the agency. Not sure why that is a huge deal since I already submitted my 1099 and we definitely qualify on my husband’s generous salary alone. But I will do it!

Since I am an independent contractor I don’t get pay stubs, I just get either direct deposit or a physical check in the mail. The agency said that I can make a copy of the most recent check and that will suffice. 

Sigh. I thought we were ready to be approved!!



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