Returning Home

Tomorrow Little One and I leave Raleigh. It is bittersweet! I am glad to get home to my own bed and family, see my husband and get back to our routine. But I don’t want to leave Raleigh! It has been home for ten years and I haven’t been able to really grieve our move six months ago. We got to see my parents, my father in law, a bunch of our friends and my boss. I don’t know when we will be back, but it won’t be until sometime in 2015!! Craziness. 

I missed the heat. I thought that I might be miserable and sweaty but it felt good. I miss the people. I miss the big city, suburban sprawl. I missed the mall and the restaurants. Mainly, I miss our life here before crazy medical problems. 

We return to thunderstorms and humidity. Much like my mood will be tomorrow! 



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