Selling Baby Items

One of my tasks while we were in Raleigh was to hold a yard sale and rid my mother’s attic of all the things I’ve been putting in it over the years. Mainly it was baby items. Crib, changing table, travel system with stroller and car seat, bottle warmer, boppy, bumbo, Dr Brown’s bottles, jumperoo (or two), baby toys, baby carrier, breast pump, etc etc etc. But not all the baby clothes, I just could not do it. I would have needed some serious Prozac and Xanax or something to go through all of the baby clothes and decide what to keep and what to sell. Ugh.

I cataloged all of the baby items, put them on Craiglist, wrote up a garage sale ad and posted signs around her neighborhood. I had some interest in the crib and the bottles. No one showed the first day of the garage sale. So I extended it and opened it all back up for a second day. I sold four items for a grand total of $29. The crib didn’t sell. The car seat didn’t sell. Not a darn thing sold. I am guessing that in my mother’s area, most of the new moms get these items at their shower or as gifts (as we did). So I googled local missions and foster agencies and called around to see who could pick up all the items. I had to see who could take all of the items since a lot of the places could not take the car seat or bottles/breast pump because of health reasons.

I live states away from my mother now so there’s no use hanging onto any of the items. It would be cheaper for me to buy new (or preowned rather) than have her ship the items to me. And we’re not going to have another baby! I can’t get pregnant, haven’t been able to get pregnant, and we’re looking for an older sibling group to adopt. Ugh.

So I called Helping Hand Mission in Raleigh, founded in 1972. They sent out a truck with two men the same afternoon. Granted, these nice gentlemen would have rather done anything than to pick up baby items. They complained for a good five minutes that the crib and changing table were not put together. Mind you, my daughter is three so these pieces have been pulled apart for two years and stored in my mother’s attic, but these men acted like I was putting them out for not having them together. They wouldn’t even have fit in the truck if they were all together!! So I duct taped the pieces of each together with the manuals and marched it to their truck for them. I wasn’t letting them leave anything behind. They would not take the hundreds of dollars worth of Dr Brown’s bottles, and probably wouldn’t have taken the breast pump but I didn’t call their attention to it. Besides feeling really poorly about getting rid of all of my daughter’s baby things, these gentlemen did not assuage my thoughts as to making sure these items went to someone that really needed them.

Let’s talk about how sad I was in this space anyway. Here I am, selling all the cute little baby things that only had one baby in them. A precious, amazing gift of one child, but certainly not the intention. Wonderful items that my friends and family purchased for my child(ren) and spent hard won dollars. And I only could manage to use it for one child! So depressing. I couldn’t cry, I was so sad. Is that even possible? I couldn’t muster one tear. I think if I let one tear out, I would have fallen apart. So nothing came. I was just sad and miserable about it. It’s complete. I have managed to sell and donate all of Little One’s baby items. Anyone else have a hard time with this?


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