So Close…

Last Thursday Hubby dropped off copies of our 2013 tax returns and copies of our most recent pay stubs/paychecks. 

Friday I received an email that the doctor’s office had faxed over the letter that the agency needed.

Now I am just waiting to hear that we are approved!

In the mean time, questions to ask your social worker before placement…



2 thoughts on “So Close…

  1. So does the agency approve you or does it have to go through a government department?
    Here in Australia, our agency send a report and a recommendation that you get approved, but then we had a massive wait (3 months for me, 6 for MM as we went through at different times)for the government department to read through the 20 page report.
    So glad you are almost there in your application process.
    Relax and enjoy your time together before the next phase of your loves begin.

    • Thank you Cee Jay! Glad it’s the summer and the pool is up, plenty of time to relax!

      I am pretty sure that because our agencies contract with the gov’t, once it has been approved then we are approved completely. Granted it has to go up the chain at the agency, so right now we are waiting for the office supervisor’s administrator to approve. Then we can start looking for a match! I’m sure it’s really tough once knowing you are approved but waiting for the gov’t to read it. Anything with the gov’t takes a while!

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