Random Thoughts

Happy 4th y’all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed the low humidity and lower temps and had some really great family time. 


Still no news on the foster agency approval front. I figured with it being a holiday week that we wouldn’t get any news, but I had high hopes! Maybe we will hear at least a little peep this week!

Everyone that I talk to with any experience in foster care/adoption locally says that we will have a match/placement very quickly. I play it off but I can’t help but let it ingrain itself. What if we do have a quick match? What if we don’t? The expectation seems so high, I only wonder if reality will prove or disprove their statements!

The foster mom that I met at the library a few weeks back (the one that is the over-sharer and who posts pics of all of her kids from foster care on Facebook) put up a status today that the little boy she has been fostering went home. Most of the comments were like “oh we’ll be thinking of you” and “I don’t know how you let them go, I couldn’t do it.” She gracefully wrote that she will be thinking of him and hopes that he has the best once he’s home. I understand now why writing or saying that you couldn’t foster basically makes the foster parent seem like an unfeeling zombie!



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