Potential Match?

Tuesday, in the middle of the storm that would knock out our power for over 24 hours, I received an email from the foster mom that I met at the local library. If you recall, she is the over-sharer. Super nice and helpful, but TMI always. So, we’ll call her Sally, emails me that the other foster mom that I met last Wednesday at the library decided not to adopt a sibling group of 3 and asked if we would we be interested! It was a lot to take in. I didn’t know if we could even do it, but I told her that we were definitely interested. I also let her know that we do not have official approval yet from our agency.

Sally sent me the name and number of the social worker on the case and gave me a basic explanation of what was going on. I left the social worker a message and will call again today, as per Sally’s direction.

I also emailed our agency, to see where we are in terms of approval and let them know that we were contacted regarding this situation. The director said that she thinks she can get her “administration” to sign off on our approval this week. She also said that I could call her to discuss this “exciting” opportunity. I will call her today as well. 


According to Sally, the foster mom, we’ll call her Penny, fostered a nine year old girl who had come into foster care several times. Sally knew this girl already because Sally provided respite for her original foster family when she was first in care. The local foster agency knew that TPR was coming and wanted to place this nine year old with her two siblings, who are 6 and 7. Penny agreed to take all three children since she’s had the nine year old and is committed to her long-term.

Penny’s been having weekend visits with all the siblings for over six months. TPR occurred on June 26th and all three came to live with her permanently on June 28th. Right away the nine year old started acting up. Not only did she just go through one of the hardest days in her young life, but now she has to share her beloved foster mom with her siblings, who she has not lived with for a long time. She kept telling Penny that she did not want to be placed with them. The agency kept saying that they will all be placed together. So when the three came to stay with Penny full time, she had total chaos in her home. She has two older adoptive sons and the nine year old started being aggressive with her siblings, jealous of the attention they received from the older boys. They had counseling sessions and Penny and the foster agency decided that she could adopt the nine year old or they could be placed with a different adoptive family.

Of course, it was decided that they needed to try the three siblings in a home where none of them had lived previously, maybe keeping them from harboring jealous feelings towards their foster parent who now has to split attention. Penny told the agency about us and the agency has called around to other agencies for other potential matches. 

So this could go quickly for us or we might not be a match. But it is very exciting to be nearly approved and also to have other foster families thinking of us when sibling groups need to be placed. 


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