I’m alive. The kids have not eaten me or crushed me or hidden me away in a closet for all time. Yes, there have been rough days/moments/hours/minutes but there have been really great days. And really great moments. And I already see progress, not even two weeks in. Some days they miss home (even though they haven’t been there in over two years). Some days I long for the quiet house with only one child. But I wouldn’t trade this new family for the past. We work together and scrape through and survive each day together. We learn new things together each day, we try new things. And we’re ok!

Today was fairly rough compared to the last week or so, I think mainly because we had our first visit from the case manager and it stirred up a whole bunch of emotions. We are working to get them passport cards in order for them to come with us to Canada for my mother in law’s wedding in a month. They are enrolled in their new school. They are signed up for soccer and riding lessons and we’ve gone to VBS. They are learning to live together after two years apart. They are learning to sleep alone in their own rooms. They are learning to play independently and with each other after being in homes with over seven children. We discuss proper ways to gain attention and not shout or call for mom without trying to work things out. 

They keep me on my toes! We take walks and they ride bikes and we have major dance parties. We swim in the pool and eat snacks and do crafts. They do pages in their workbooks and we go to the library and we read. 

I don’t think bringing three new children into your home at one time is for everyone. It’s definitely been a major adjustment and challenge. We’ve been lucky that our daughter has been excited for new siblings from day 1, and has totally rejoiced in new-found friends, playmates, and helpers. She has adjusted to their earlier morning schedule and could probably benefit from an afternoon nap but we’ll try for that once they’re in school.

I have hardly done any work. We don’t have anyone cleared to watch the kids if neither one of us parents is home (our summer sitter is done in a few weeks and our fall sitter hasn’t started). So that has been tough for me. I have cleared all of my appointments, work projects and I take the kids everywhere I go. I have actually found that I have an easier time with them than with our sitter. When she is around the kids just vie for her attention and get overly jealous. 

I will try to update when I can but this place is crazy! I only had a chance to write tonight because I put all the kids to bed early tonight because they were so badly behaved today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!



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