This weekend we re-arranged the rooms. Since we had so little time to plan and organize, we went with our gut instincts. The two little girls, Little One and the 6 year old, were together in Little One’s room. The oldest girl who is 9, almost 10, had her own room in our old guest room. The middle boy, who is seven, has his bed/dresser/desk in part of the play room. Well, Little One’s sleeping habits have left a lot to be desired. Not only does she keep up with these kids twice her age all day, she also took on their sleeping habits. So in effect she was waking up over an hour before she would normally. This left for a very cranky three year old! The older girls decided they would like to put the bunk beds together and share a room. I thought that this was a perfect idea, considering that school starts in less than a month and I don’t want Little One getting up even earlier! The kids have to be at school by 8:00 so I am envisioning a 7:00 wake time. They will be in school before Little One usually wakes up! So we will see how the new sleeping arrangements will be. Little One was fine with a new room all by herself. Although the bunk beds are so enticing!

Tomorrow our boy starts his soccer camp. Tonight during his prayers he said “I hope I don’t suck at soccer camp tomorrow.” He’s hilarious! So sure of himself and excited for camp until the day before and he gets cold feet. He’s an excellent athlete and the other kids seem to like him easily so I don’t think he will have any issues. 

This week we should hear about in-home services and in-home therapy. I asked for all three to have assessments. We had lots of BIG feelings this weekend about “mommy and daddy” and we’re slowly getting stories of home out of them. It has to be hard and they don’t have an outlet for it. I’m just glad that they can be together to remember and work things out together.


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