School Days

I went to the District Office today to get the kids enrolled in school. I picked up and completed their packets last Monday but the mean administrative lady at the office wouldn’t let me bring them back until she had gotten all the paperwork from the agency/county. I still don’t think she had everything but it’s only two weeks until school starts so we’re getting down to the wire! Because we have a court order granting us educational rights I could sign all of the paperwork. She said she was missing their birth certificates/immunization records/foster placement letters. I told her that it was all sent directly to the elementary school. I am not sure why they couldn’t just send it over to her, but she had my agency fax all the items to her this afternoon. I’m not sure if we will know their teachers before the first day of school or the open house on the 18th. 

I went on the school district’s website tonight to take a look and see if they had any information listed for the open house. Imagine my surprise when they had the classroom assignments publicly posted for each school, teacher, and grade. First and last names for the students. And no login needed! I felt so sick to my stomach. I would have a hard time with the invasion of privacy/safety issue with Little One, but I have a heightened sense of protecting our new children. I think it is reckless to put the names of all the teachers and all of their students for each school online, publicly. So I wrote to both the principal and superintendent and told them that I do not want my children listed. They probably won’t be anyways since we are enrolling so late but I think it is negligent to put minor names and basically their daily location on the internet. I shudder to think of all the horrible ways that the information could be used. 



4 thoughts on “School Days

  1. Wow. I can’t believe all that information is on the internet. That would never fly here. Can’t even read a school newsletter without a password. Which is the way it should be.

      • Char Johnson says:

        That’s ridiculous. That is hazardous for not just the students but the teachers as well and what about those kids whose parents don’t need to know where they are. They can just find who they want and walk in there like they can just take them or pick them up when they want. It’s so dangerous!

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