County Case Worker

We haven’t seen or heard from our county case worker since the behavioral services assessment last Wednesday. She was supposed to put in a referral for in-home family counseling and also get her hands on the kids’ birth certificates so we can take them with us to my mother-in-law’s wedding in two weeks. We are also waiting to see a copy of the court order from the judge granting us educational rights for all three kids. The case worker was also supposed to visit us this week. I think she has four weeks to visit after the initial drop off. Well four week is Monday and we have not seen or heard from her regarding the visit, other than telling us last Wednesday that she was going to come this week. Our agency has said they will start calling her supervisor on Monday if she continues to ignore their emails/calls and my calls. 

So by next Monday the kids will have been in our home for four weeks without any counseling. It really makes me wonder how much help birth families are really receiving in order to get their kids back. We have advocated for these children as best we can and yet we’ve gone four weeks without counseling. I think it should be mandatory when children change homes that they have at least one in home and one out of home counseling session per week per child. There are so many BIG feelings and adjustments for everyone. Yesterday we saw one of their previous foster moms at the library and my mom went home after a week-long visit. You would have thought I had a house of hyenas the way these kids screamed at bed time. We do not transition very well at all. 

I turned in the school packets Monday and haven’t heard any more about the kids being enrolled. They have open house at the elementary school on the 18th so I am hoping we will know their teachers by then.

Tomorrow is another riding day for the girls. We might also work on some small gifts for their teachers. I’ll be sure to post what we come up with!


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