Getting To Know You

I would really like to have a relationship with the birth parents. Especially if they ever get their crap together. Even if it’s sending information back and forth via email once a month. I do not think it’s healthy at this point for the kids to have extended contact with their parents since they are just getting adjusted to our home. The kids are also very anxious about their mom expecting and being due in October. They are very worried about their new brother being safe. I do not want them to get sucked back into bad behavior when we’ve already made so much progress. I also am not sure how safe it is for the kids either, until I get more information from their case worker. I sat in on the oldest’s evaluation for counseling today so I got a better picture of what home was like for them growing up. And it wasn’t pretty. So there are plenty of behaviors that I would rather not have the kids exposed to any longer. I know the kids will especially want contact once their new brother is born, probably in October. I hope that we can get to a point where we can meet up. 


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