County Case Worker

Today we had our first visit with our county case worker since she dropped off the kids for placement. I guess it is part of her “monthly” visits. She still does not have the birth certificates for the kids. We leave next Thursday after school to head to Canada for my mother in law’s wedding. We NEED those birth certificates like yesterday. We do, however, have the signed travel permission so we are allowed to take them, we just need to be able to get back into the US with them! I can’t imagine what a nightmare that would be!

We are still waiting on the evaluation for the in-home family therapy. The lady that does the evaluations just got back from vacation so we are waiting to hear when that is scheduled.

Our case worker is fighting for us to get emergency clothing allowances for all three kids since two of them came to our home with no shoes that fit and all of them came to our home without a thread for back to school/fall/winter. I have to send her an inventory of the items that fit and that they can wear for school this fall so she can use it as leverage. 

We talked about the new baby coming in October and she asked if we would want to take him in as well. I said that we wish that we could considering our whole thing has been to keep siblings together, but there are many reasons we can’t. Our top priority is the children we have in our care and will be adopting. We do not want to pull them back into the life of whether the baby will stay in care or go home to mom and dad and leave them open to all that anxiety for another couple of years. We are trying to get them settled and have made real progress in the last month. I told our case worker that we would be glad to make visits if the baby does end up in care so that they can have a sibling bond. But considering that mom is only 27 I don’t think she’s done having babies and at least the next couple could live together too. 

I asked the case worker about the adoption. Our agency case manager said that the earliest it would occur would be six months after placement, which would put us in the middle of January. The county case worker said that our next court date is in November. Also in November is National Adoption Day. In our county they have a whole day of fun for all of the kids who were adopted this year and they do several adoptions on that day. She said she would love if our kids would be adopted on that day so that all of their previous case workers could be there. She is finding out the logistics and putting in a referral for our adoption home study. The adoption home study is similar to the one for fostering and it is good for one year. So whether we have adoption in November or January it will still be valid.

My fall nanny was supposed to start today, get a feel for the new dynamics so we could talk about her schedule. The responsible 35 year old woman that she is, she emailed me at 6:30 this morning to tell me that she was out to late last night at the “shore” and would need to come in late. So I told her we would reschedule. I was so pissed this morning. All summer we’ve had a 19 year old college student and she didn’t call out once. Before that we had an almost middle aged surrogate who was pregnant with triplets and she didn’t call out. Ugh. I foresee a problem arising with her already!


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