Birth Certificates

We were approved almost five weeks ago when the children were placed with us to take them with us to my mother in law’s wedding in Canada. We leave next Thursday after the first day of school… that is, the children will be coming with us next Thursday after the first day of school if we get their birth certificates! We are driving and we have the letter signed by the director of the county youth services and copies of the birth certificates but not the real things. We’ve been promised them every week. Wednesday when the county worker came she said that they had been ordered and expected them to come in any day. I think my husband will give it until Tuesday before he flips his lid with her supervisor. I am hoping to hear every day and have my fingers crossed. I can’t imagine leaving the kids behind and we don’t have a respite in place. We’ve kept our agency in the loop but I just can’t imagine having to leave them while we go for five days! If anyone has any words of wisdom or has gone through this in the past, any help???



6 thoughts on “Birth Certificates

  1. Here, you can’t take kiddies out of the state much less out of the country unless you’ve had them for ages/years and have completed a pile of paperwork so birth certificates would have already arrived in the time frame we work in.
    Good luck.
    Government departments, gotta love how they move soooo slow.

    • We didn’t think it was possible! The only reason we even tried is because the day the county worker brought them to our house she said she would rather they go along with us (as do we) and that she had to order the birth certificates anyway. We have our fingers crossed!

      • Sounds like your county worker wants the best for the children so fingers crossed the department that do the birth certificates get them to you as soon as possible. Fingers crossed for you

  2. If you have a copy of the birth certificate and an approval to take the children on your trip you can just go the appropriate government office and request one or two. I did that for my son, you just have to sign that you have permission. I did not bother telling the social worker since I already had a copy. At the government agency you just have to sign that you have permission to obtain a copy as the legal guardian and since you have the travel approval it should be no problem. Then you can get the birth certificate in the same day you go the office and request it, it cost approx. $25-28 in California. Good luck!

    • Thank you! I don’t think we’re actually their legal guardians. Just custodial until the adoption. Can’t sign for things, the county has to. I was told specifically that we could not pick up the birth certificates ourselves. Glad you were able!

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