Pool Party

Yesterday we hosted my husband’s summer company picnic with all of his employees and his boss. I was very nervous of how it would go with the kids. They tend to have poor behavior on days that we have visitors and I knew they would be eating a lot of junk food/sugar so I didn’t know what to expect. The morning before our guests arrived they were all in discipline before 9:00 am so we were very concerned about how the rest of the day would go. Little man purposely did his workbook pages wrong. Like, laughably wrong. Our middle girl kept picking fights with her siblings as only she can do. It was a mess! We had so much to get done and the kids were giving us fits all morning. My husband and I went over our expectations with them prior to the day of, and laid out clear guidelines if there would be any fits or arguments. I am pleased to say that they did great all afternoon! Little man had a meltdown almost at the end of the day and Hubby pulled him aside before it become too big. There was some pouting about drinking soda/eating more than one dessert but they took my direction well and did not make it a big thing. It’s hard when the other kids get to drink four juice boxes or soda and multiple desserts! But we stood our ground and we were happy that we did because their behavior definitely reflected that. We are pretty strict on the juice/soda/sugar because we really notice a difference in their behavior afterwards. We actually started it with Little One before we accepted placement because of the negative affects of sugar and artificial food dyes. I’ve kept that up with the bigger kids and have been very happy with how it’s gone. If you are having difficult behaviors I encourage you to keep a food diary of what your kids eat as well as checking the ingredients before you purchase items at the store. It is like night and day!


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