Birth Certificates: Update

We leave tomorrow for Canada, right after the kids get home from school, around 3:00. We’ve been waiting five weeks to get a hold of their birth certificates so that they didn’t have to stay in respite. We wanted them to come along with us from the beginning and so did their case worker. Yesterday I made a back up plan with my mom just in case, I would fly her in tomorrow while the kids were in school. Today I called our case worker, as did the case manager at our agency. I emailed on Monday and called on Tuesday and hadn’t heard anything back from her. Then I texted our case manager and told her I was over it and I was calling the county case worker’s supervisor. Our case manager offered to call and find out what was going on. Which probably should have happened a week ago. So the county supervisor said that all birth certificates come through her and she hadn’t seen them yet. Sigh. It didn’t sound optimistic.

Well then not even an hour later our county case worker called, and imagine, the birth certificates just ended up on her desk! Sounds awfully like the supervisor had someone check the mail pile or something and they’ve probably been in there for a week. Either way, we have them and now the kids can come with us to Canada for my mother in law’s wedding! They are so excited, none of them have really taken a vacation before so they just don’t even know what to expect with hotel rooms, etc. Little man asked if he could decorate the hotel room with soccer wall decals. I tried to explain to him that it’s just temporary but he wasn’t getting it! I won’t have access to the internet and we will be doing fun family things, but I’ll make sure to update when we get home at the end of next week!



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