Latest and Greatest?

Monday we had our bi-weekly meeting with our case manager from our agency. We went over all of the things I found out last week from our county case worker and checked in on a couple new things.

-We talked about bio dad being on disability and potentially having Hepatitis C. She said that we will never know and the easiest thing is to have all the kids tested. They have upcoming physicals so I will ask the doctor at that point. I am not really worried but it would be nice to know for sure that they do not have it.

-Adoption on National Adoption Day… she said it most likely will not happen until January. She said that the adoption home study takes three to four months to complete and it’s only three months away until the National Adoption Day without having a referral yet for the adoption home study.

-New baby. Bio mom is due in October with sibling #4. As much as we would love to keep the siblings together, it just isn’t in the cards. We don’t want to pull these three back into the foster care cycle with the baby being here and going back home with the bio parents. We also were not looking for a baby, as we know the lists for healthy white babies are long no matter where you live. We are not worried about the agency finding a good home. We also are trying to keep birth order as much as possible and adding a new baby would negatively impact the younger two girls the most. We are committed to keeping a relationship no matter where we are/where the sibling is. It will probably be at least a few months before he goes into care and the kids will be adopted by then (hopefully). Our case manager said that since the kids will most likely be adopted, there will be no legal obligation and she would not push to have visits between the baby and the siblings. She had a couple reasons for this distance but I tuned them out. I’m sure that she would not agree with my views on keeping an open adoption (as safe and healthy) from foster care let alone keeping siblings connected. I just don’t agree with not keeping familial connections if at all possible/safe/healthy. 

-We are still waiting on the evaluation for in-home family services, which I think might end up as wrap around services with a TSS (Therapeutic support staff) worker for our son. We are still waiting to hear from the program our oldest daughter has been cleared for eleven hours a week of intensive counseling regarding her schedule. We are still waiting to get official clearance for emergency clothing allowances for all three kids so we can do some serious back to school shopping.

Hope you have a great week and I’ll be back next week to update on our trip!


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