While We Were Gone…

I had no service in Canada so my phone was off. While we were gone I received several important calls, of course. Even though the parties that called knew that we would be out of the country!

Our county case worker called and scheduled the evaluation for in-home therapy for Friday at 9:00 am, despite my child being out for several days on vacation. I called and asked for it to be moved until after school. I emailed and asked for it to be moved until after school. I received no return call or email so I’m just taking him to the dang appointment at 9:00 am because he needs therapy and it’s already been six weeks!

The “mental health professional” called from our oldest daughter’s behavioral services to schedule an “ISPT” meeting to get her approved. Pretty sure we had an evaluation two weeks ago and they approved her for 11 hours each week so I am not sure what this meeting is/how it is different from the first evaluation. I called to schedule whatever it is and the “mental health professional” was out of the building for the day. Go figure.

So we are six weeks in and we’ve had one evaluation for one kid and one scheduled for another. Does anyone else think this is crazy? These kids need help before they’ve been in a new home for two months!


One thought on “While We Were Gone…

  1. I’ve heard here of people waiting up to 12 months for a psych appointment for their kids. Crazy is an understatement. Our most vulnerable children and they have to wait and wait. Poor babies. Hope you get some action soon

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