Adoption Day?

I got a call this afternoon while I was waiting at the bus stop for the kids to come home. I didn’t bring my phone so the supervisor of our county case worker left me a message. She said that she needs to “verify identifying information” in order to process our adoption home study referral. I called back but of course was sent to her voicemail. I am interested to hear what she has to ask us!

We met with our agency case manager for her bi-weekly visit today. She said she has still yet to receive the referral for our adoption home study. At our agency these home studies take about three to four months because they are backed up. So there would be no way that they could get it done before Adoption Day on November 7th, which is the date our county case worker is pushing. She DID say, however, that she doesn’t know if our agency will be the one doing the home study. The county could choose another agency to perform the home study and they might be able to get it done sooner. Our county case worker comes next week for her monthly visit so I will be sure to ask who they are sending the referral to!

It seems crazy that in two months these kids could already be adopted! I haven’t found out how many days that they’ve been in care but with my basic math I think it must be over 1,4000 days in care since 2009. That’s just too many. I am glad that they are a part of our family now!


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