Advancing One Day at a Time

Today our oldest daughter began her 12-18 month intensive counseling program after school. She gets picked up from school at 2:30 three days a week and then we pick her up at the counseling office at 6:00. We definitely all missed her. She’s such a true older child, always wanting to help with her siblings and being the peacemakers. She is always very compliant and eager. It will be hard to have her gone that much during the week but I know it’s the best for her to work through past trauma.

I also got the call for Little Man’s psych evaluation. We will have that on the 29th of this month, then it will be a few days before his in-home therapy starts. Phew! Nothing like waiting three months or more for some therapy! I know I’ve said it here before but if birth parents are getting the same support after eight weeks as we are, then our “system” and all of us are failing these parents. If this is how quickly foster children receive care then what is really happening on the other side of the equation for the birth parents? Do they get as much red tape as the kids do so that it is just as hard if not harder for them to get the help they need? How could they ever get their kids back? I think of the poverty and lack of education and no wonder they can’t make it through the judge’s orders. It makes me pretty pissed off with the system.

Today I heard from the permanency staff at our agency. We actually met with this Permanency Specialist back in April (here’s the link from April 15th https// Basically, she called with great news. She said that since she has met with us before (and did our adoption orientation?!?! supposedly) and our profile is so new that there is not much she has to add. We need to do new health histories for ourselves and all of the children, a new adoption application, add anything to our biography section to include these kids, and basically sign a bunch of stuff. She said that she should have it done in November. So I emailed our county case worker to see what day she was considering (since google says that National Adoption Day is November 22nd not November 7th as she told me). I am wondering if they already had these kids penciled in and now that our placement is going so well they just want to stick with it. Plus does anyone know if it looks good for their numbers if these kids are adopted this year?? Can’t hurt I am sure. Anyway, it is looking better and better for these kids to be adopted before the Holidays, which would just MAKE. MY. YEAR!!

Anyone have some good links to Happy Adoption Day parties? I need to start planning!


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