Food for Thought

While I’m on the whole “system” soapbox, here’s someone else’s opinion on the matter. I have no idea the educational background of our county case worker.

I can’t imagine seeing what our county case worker sees on a daily basis. I respect her commitment to her job and know that she is overloaded with cases. I know she probably makes crap money and it’s a difficult job. I know she’s also in school (maybe if I find out what she’s in school for it will give me a better idea of her level of education) so I realize she is super busy. Maybe I’m just not a half-a** it kind of person, but if I did her job I would have to give it my best every day. And her best every day is jeans and a tshirt with old flip flops and crazy hair. When my mom met her my mother was in serious shock. This is the woman that decides where kids go or don’t go and talks to the court and the mental health professionals and sends in referrals for my kids’ evaluations. She’s just a hot mess kind of person and it’s hard to believe that children’s futures are in her hand. She’s sweet and wants the best for them, but is she properly trained? Is this just a stop for her on the road to bigger and better things? Does she have the support she needs after seeing what she sees? Does she really have a supervisor watching over her to give her advice? I don’t know. 



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