Pink Eye

When we came home from Canada two weeks ago, Little One had a bunch of green eye mucous and some congestion. I chalked it up to allergies, since they’ve already started their fall season. My mom insisted it was pink eye. Her eyes weren’t red or itchy, so I brushed it off. I should have listened! I took Little One to the doctor yesterday since it had been two weeks and they said that she has pink eye which has also given her a throat infection and almost ear infections. So the poor little thing is on antibiotics. Then, this morning, I tried to open my eyes to see the clock and they were stuck shut! Both of my eyes have pink eye and one of my husband’s does! Ugh. I wear contacts so this is not a happy finding. And we go on vacation next Wednesday to Florida so I hope this clears up fast!! Going to the doctor today and hopefully getting some good meds. I had to call out from work it is so gross and I don’t want to give it to anyone else!


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