Adoption Home Study

After hearing from the Permanency Specialist at our agency last week, we got the packet of materials to update for our Adoption Home Study. We’ve already done the adoption training so we just have to read back through the information and sign. The paperwork to update our profile for the adoption is no joke. I am SO glad that I made copies of all the original paperwork that I sent for our first home study because this paperwork was very similar. Here is what we had to do, and I starred next to the items that were the same as the originals:


*Health History forms (this time including the three new children)


*CY131: is for the Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange, it is the family applicant registration/update form. We had hardly anything to update but some questions I elaborated a little more concerning the three children we have in our care

AAPI: Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory. This was a multiple choice test asking about your beliefs regarding children, their care and punishment strategies.

So the only thing new was the AAPI, everything else was either identical to the first home study paperwork (reference, health histories) or we just had to add in a few things here or there for the three new children that we have. It just took a long time to re-write! I wished that my copies were better quality or I might have been able just to give her a copy. Or if I had typed it all the first round (don’t know if you can do that), then I would just have to add a little and print it off. Now we just wait to sign the new profile!


5 thoughts on “Adoption Home Study

  1. Char Johnson says:

    I know all punishment strategies are different but I am freaking out about our upcoming home study for foster care. I am not sure what to expect, I am nervous, and I don’t want to say the wrong things. What are your thoughts on punishment, grounding, etc?

    • Don’t freak out!! What are you worried about? I will be honest. I have tried different consequences like time outs/grounding, chores, taking away privileges. I have also tried a whole rewards system. The honest truth is that these kids are not ready for that. They are not attached. They think they are going home or going to a different home. Their actions are rooted in fear. They are in flight or fight mode. And everything is a fight. The back talking and not listening. I remind them every time. But it’s not yet time for excessive punishment when they are still attaching and learning. It doesn’t work and just makes me more frustrated at the end of the day!

      • Char Johnson says:

        I totally understand. I am just worried because this is new for us that’s all. I am excited at the same time, however, I just don’t know what to expect. Everyone has been so nice so far though.

      • It is so new, the whole way through! There are definitely helpful people, and I am glad that you have found them. It is hard going down a road that is different for each person, it’s hard to know what to prepare yourself for!

      • Char Johnson says:

        That is true I just pray that it is a semi smooth road and pray that the decision that Nick and I have made will not be in vain

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