Pink Eye, Allergies and some Narcotics

As you all know I have been dealing with the pink eye plague at my house. The typhoid Mary is Little One, who had her pink eye for two weeks before I realized it was pink eye (because I thought it was allergies. And it probably was caused by allergies anyways.) Then Hubby and I woke up with it on Friday. Then Saturday two of the three older kids woke up with the eye gunk so I hauled everyone off to our primary care office because they hold open hours and it’s first come first served. Well, it ended up that only Little Man has pink eye but all of them also have sinus infections caused by their allergies. The doctor said that Pennsylvania is the worst state for allergies and that we are having a rough season. Yeah I can attest to that! So now all of them are on daily allergy medicine as well as amoxicillan and Little Man has some eye drops.

When I was writing up the paperwork for the agency about their visits to the doctor and the medicine that was prescribed, I read through each of their print outs. On the second page of one of the girl’s print out was information from when she had been seen by that medical group in the past. I don’t know if it was supposed to print out or not, but man am I glad that it did!

Here is what in included, with the medical codes:

-Single liveborn-in hosp delivered without mention of cesarean section code V30.00
-Maternal Hepatitis C code 760.2
-Maternal Narcotic AFF NB code 760.72
-Acute Bronchitis (complicated) code 466.0
-CHR SEROUS OM NEC code 381.19
The print out did have the date for each of these as well. Basically, there are a number of things here that we have not been told about. The most glaring issue is that we were told in passing that Bio Dad is on disability for Hep C. This has not been confirmed to us. We did not know that Bio Mom apparently also has Hep C. We also have not been told if the kids have been tested. Since they’ve been in care since 2009 and are in school I sure hope that they have been tested already! If not, we will be having them tested ASAP. The other glaring issue is that this print out apparently says that Bio Mom was on narcotics when she was pregnant/delivered this child. We have guessed by behavior/attention/memory that these kids were exposed to prenatal alcohol. We were not under the impression from the county that either mom or dad were drug users. I also have serious concerns that if mom was on narcotics when this child was born, why was the child not immediately taken from her care? And why was she allowed to care for the other child(ren) that was already born? And why does CYS not already have a plan for the baby due this October? I’m very confused.
So I called our agency before I called the county case worker and talked through it with our case manager. She agreed that we need to know whether the kids have been tested for Hep C. She also called the county case worker to ask for the rest of the medical records. The county case worker said that she would fax over the child profiles today and that our agency case manager can bring them for us to look at tomorrow. We can’t keep them because they have not yet been updated for the adoption but I will have time to go through them and review the information. The child profiles will have all of the hospitalizations for each of the kids as well as information regarding their births. I am anxious to look through these as well as talk to our case manager tomorrow about what all of this means.
ED: Our agency case manager is bringing all three profiles with her tomorrow, leaving for another visit and then coming back to pick them up. She said that they are about 12-15 pages each. I should have enough time to make copies while she is gone. I have no idea what to expect or look for in these profiles. I remember reading that they are often incorrect and pieced together using other profiles (much like our family home study). Should be an interesting night!

7 thoughts on “Pink Eye, Allergies and some Narcotics

  1. Wow, that is a lot to process … figuratively and literally. Are you allowed to copy or scan those child profiles? I don’t understand why you can’t keep them since a fax is pretty much a copy anyway. What happens to them after you look at them?

    • So the agency case manager is bringing the faxed profiles over tomorrow night during her visit, leaving to go to another visit and then coming back to pick them up. So I think I should have enough time to make copies of them. She said they are about 12-15 pages for each kid. I’m interested to read them, I’m not quite sure what to expect or look for!

      • Oh my, I would have no idea either. I don’t understand why they won’t just give you copies. However, and you don’t have to answer this lol, but I would have 3 best friends on backup with scanners or fast cars to head to kinkos and make copies. The whole thing just sounds weird, but the more I am learning about this whole process the more I am learning that weird is the norm I think.

      • I think it’s kind of like how it goes when you get a referral. Or if you get a sit down meeting to discuss children before placement. You technically should not have your hands on the medical records or child profiles prior to adoption, from my understanding. So if you get to read up on the kids before placement, you usually do so at the agency office or they bring the profiles to you and then leave with them. In this case since we are adopting them I guess they don’t mind if we see them beforehand but we aren’t supposed to have a copy of it officially? It is weird and totally backwards! I don’t have friends to run to kinkos for me but I should have about three hours from when she leaves and when she comes back so I think my little printer can handle it!

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