I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas!

I’m over being in the sad/mean mom/exhausted with life phase. I don’t know if it is the Fall weather or just trying to look on the bright side of things but I am getting psyched for the upcoming holidays. Maybe it is because this week we finalized all of the Halloween costumes for the kiddos! I love love Halloween and getting them all dressed up. They all picked their costumes without any help from me. I love that they are independent enough to choose and stick with their decision. We will have a witch, a zombie hockey player, a tiger and Rainbow Dash. Granted, Little One dresses like Rainbow Dash on most days. But she will be even more dressed up for Halloween! Links at the bottom of the page to give you some ideas in case you are stuck. Halloween pictures to follow!! *Note: none of the kids like super scary or even remotely scary things. Taking them into the Halloween store to get ideas was just bonkers on my part because of all their automated weird scary moving thingies. The links at the bottom are to give you an idea of what the kids wanted to be but are not their actual costumes. We pieced them together using clothes we already have and much cheaper options from places like Walmart and local thrift stores.*

I am so super excited to celebrate the holidays with our four kids. Looking at new things through their eyes is so fantastic! It will be our first Christmas in Pennsylvania and our first Christmas with our new family. I am guessing we will have snow already on the ground. I definitely miss the South for many reasons but I don’t mind watching the leaves change colors or having appropriate weather for the seasons!! I’m so used to wearing short sleeve shirts and shorts for Thanksgiving that I am glad this year will be more seasonal weather.

I’ve already started to purchase Christmas presents as I find good deals. TJMaxx is one of my favorite places to find good deals on toys and accessories for the kids. I’ve also been watching our local Dollar Tree because, while they sell out of the good things quickly, you can’t beat the price for stocking stuffers and small toys or activities (crafts, stickers, coloring books). I will do a Christmas buying guide like I did last year too because I know when I come across them from other moms they are so helpful! I always find ideas I wouldn’t have considered before.

Here’s to Hump Day! We’ve almost made it through the week!

Zombie Hockey Player:






Rainbow Dash:



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