Till Death Do Us Part: My Pledge to Birthfamilies

My pledge to our children’s birth family is that I will always be open to contact and visits along as it is safe and my children are willing. While we don’t know where bio mom and dad are right now (I am guessing they are hiding until their new baby is born because they are worried the county will take him), I will continue to monitor them as much as I can using the Internet, Facebook and local friends. Because of their health and income they will probably live in the same place their entire lives. They have no vehicle or means of moving out of town or out of state. So I will do my best to keep them on my radar.

Fortunately or unfortunately we never met them/exchanged contact information and I’m not sure how stable or constant their phone situation is. Therefore at this point I have limited means of contacting them. I will be meeting with one of the previous foster moms soon and I hope that she can shed some light on the situation.

I also pledge that I will do my best to keep in contact with and facilitate meetings with any bio siblings. While reading through their profiles we found out that our kids have a half sibling that lives with paternal relatives. While her last name is abbreviated, I will do my best to keep tabs on her like I do with the birth parents. Since bio mom is pregnant, I also promise to keep in contact with any future foster or adoptive families and encourage visits between the siblings. Since bio mom is only 27 I believe there could possibly be more siblings in the future. I vow to help with phone calls, letters, emails, sending pictures, and visits as is appropriate.


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