Traveling with Small Children

I was going to write an involved post on how we made it to Florida and back with four kids and not spending a fortune on luggage fees. Then I found this post and she touches on a lot of the points I was going to make!

My main tips would be:

-Pack light, because you can do laundry often!

-Wear heaviest clothes/shoes/layers on the plane

-Have each child be responsible for their backpack/rolling bag with snacks, toys, lovies and activities inside

-Parents use larger carry on to tote electronics and cleaning supplies

I don’t agree with her diaper policy or sugaring up the kids. But that’s just my opinion! Little One is three and a half and we had no issues on our long drive to Canada or the long day on airplanes to Florida. She mentions rewarding good behavior before it turns bad, which I totally agree with. But I would reward with new crayons or stickers rather than candy. We find behavior goes downhill fast after the addition of sugar!


2 thoughts on “Traveling with Small Children

  1. We just got back from a trip to Seattle and I agree with this points! Especially the packing light. Oh my gosh I wish I had only packed like 3 outfits her child.

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