Sugar, Sugar

I’ve written on the blog several times about limiting Little One’s sugar intake and then being mindful once we had placement. Things get a little crazy around here if the kids are loaded up on sugar. However, there are some items my kids eat almost daily that I have missed, and this article helped me locate them. She explains that kids should have no more than 12 grams of sugar a day and women should have no more than 24 grams. I just took a peek at the Go Gurt that the kids love so much (and I rarely buy) and it is 9 grams. The Yoplait yogurt that the older girls eat almost daily have 25 grams of sugar, more than adult women should have in a day. Their apple juice boxes that they have on the weekends with lunch also have more sugar than a grown woman should have in a day. I will definitely be watching more closely and I will also see how behavior improves! I encourage you to take a look in your fridge/pantry to see what is hiding in there. Like the big Kraft boycott, I will definitely be voting with my dollars. I refuse to buy sugary items that are marketed to kids and yet hold more sugar in them than a grown woman should have in a day.


4 thoughts on “Sugar, Sugar

  1. I am so glad I just read this! I had a conversation with a woman today who is generally considered to be extremely fit and healthy. She doesn’t eat potatoes of any kind because of the starch. So today, after seeing her eat yogurt after yogurt everyday, sometimes several times a day, as a snack or meal replacement and I had to ask her about how come the sugar content of the yogurt doesn’t bother her and about why the high levels of Potassium, B12 and copper in potatoes doesn’t over ride the ‘starch factor.’ She didn’t really have an answer, told me she wasn’t aware of any high levels of sugar in yogurt, and that I had an interesting theory. Hmmmm…..

  2. I remember when we were providing respite for “Ben”. His foster Mum told us no soft drinks for him, but showed us the fruit juice boxes he drinks. When we compared the sugar, the juice box contained as much sugar as the same amount of coke. Insane!

  3. Thankfully Hope doesn’t have a raging sweet tooth. We did a fast food fat this summer–she went for 6 weeks! –that totally sensitized her to sugar and salt. Still I need to watch the sugar more.

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