Happy Birthday to You?

Saturday was the date of our oldest daughter’s birthday party. She invited five friends from church/school to go see Dolphin Tale 2 and have a sleepover. Anne had never attended or held a sleep over so she was pretty anxious and excited. I never really had any sleepovers growing up and I certainly was not allowed to attend any, so this was a big deal for all of us!

Four of her friends came (three RSVP’d) and only three stayed to sleep over.

The day started out rough. We were cleaning together as a family and we had some pretty major behaviors from Huck and Scarlett. Lots of time outs/time ins. Aggression, frustration, bickering and lying. I finally got a chance to talk to our oldest when we went to pick up her cake and balloons. She said this is the first birthday that their parents have not been invited/attended.

I mean, what do you say? What can you do? Of course there are bad behaviors. The kids are totally freaked out. They don’t know if their parents are invited or not, and they still don’t fully understand why their parents aren’t around any more. The day ended fine, with a good night’s sleep for all, including those sleeping over.

In the morning I ended up driving one of the girls home (the one that did not RSVP) because her parents didn’t come to pick her up and she couldn’t reach them by phone. She pleaded with me to let her stay over Sunday night too since the kids were off from school today but I told her no. Which was good because my mother in law decided to come on Sunday with about two hours notice (she lives 6 hours away). I think we needed a little more notice than that but I guess that’s just my opinion! After my week last week + preteen sleepover + a cold creeping up on me and I was not super happy. Happy to see her but not so happy about the short notice and not really having a say in it (wasn’t probably the best weekend to chose).

I had work this morning and Hubby had conference calls all afternoon so we didn’t see my mother in law much. Enough for her to give the kids some gifts and have some dinner.

I am so glad that this week has much less activities/appointments planned. Other than my meeting with Anne’s teacher, guidance counselor and RTI teacher tomorrow, I don’t have much else planned outside the normal schedule. I will update on that meeting tomorrow to help any of you that have struggling students.


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