Another Week

As I endure another rough week and my heart swells with love for these new children, my heart aches too. Stories of being treated differently by foster families, stories of problems with other kids at school, sadness and anger at bio mom, poor behavior at home, general frustration and grips for control, attachment or not. I am here for you. I love you. We can do this. I keep telling them and telling myself midst the troubles, midst the “system”. It’s ok to be hurt and angry. I hurt for you. I am sad for you. It’s ok to be sad too. We are in this together. We can make it. We WILL make it. You are awesome. Keep your head up. Give me a hug.

**I talked at length with their county case worker yesterday. Looks like we are still on track for adoption November 7th. I asked about the kids’ baby brother, who was due last week. No word. I asked if they were watching out for his birth or tracking mom. Nope. Bio mom and bio dad terminated their parental rights at the end of June for three children that have been in the system since 2009 and they aren’t even watching out for this new little chap?? Makes me so, so angry.


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