Private School vs. Public School

So, I might be super crazy. But I called a private Christian school in town today and made an appointment for information on enrollment. I am OVER dealing with the public school for Anne. Last week she “forgot” (on purpose) her science study guide on Wednesday night. So we had one night (Thursday) to study about 20 powerpoint slides regarding the weather/climate/clouds/temperature/altitude. It was bananas. She studied for hours and I made her a practice test, which she subsequently failed and then we went over all the questions she missed.

She insisted they only knew from Wednesday about their test. I knew better because of the volume of material. So I dutifully emailed her teacher. Turns out they were supposed to have the test one week earlier but they were given an extra week to study. So she knew at least one week before she told us that she knew. Sigh. We are having some major issues with lying.

Anyways, turns out, she goes into school Friday and they get to use their dang study guide for the test!!! And their teacher told them it was a “secret” because they were the only class that got to use their study guide. So all four classes in the fourth grade took the same test on the same material and Anne, who is not in the special education class, was able to use her study guide. How is this learning?? If the class will fail the material you teach them, so you allow them to use their study guide, what are they learning? Doesn’t the teacher either need to teach them appropriate material that isn’t too hard or come to grips that the children are below grade level and help them with appropriate services? I was furious. Between that and the meeting last week where the guidance counselor, teacher and RTI coach told me that Anne is doing fine despite struggling every night at home with homework AND bringing home failing test scores, I am over this school.

So am I crazy? I feel like intervention is needed at this time. Huge intervention. Like, let this girl learn some addition and subtraction before you try to pile on parenthesis and division. Is our school system as broken as the foster care system?


3 thoughts on “Private School vs. Public School

  1. Good for you for considering other options! And yes I think the school system is as broken as the foster care system. My son just left a private school after 4 years. It was a HUGE improvement from the public school he attended. He is now way ahead of grade level due to the small class sizes and dedication to him. Hope you guys find a good fit!

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