Work Update

I don’t know how long it’s been since I updated about work. But work is well, not working out. I had my schedule approved by my coworker early this summer for Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings while Madeline is in preschool and working from home Tuesday/Thursday. Well half the time my coworker has not been in the office on those mornings and many times does not alert me to the fact until about fifteen minutes before I am scheduled to arrive. Half the time I have something scheduled for one of the kids or someone has been home sick from school so I wouldn’t be able to go anyway. But I also have done quite a few projects for them that they still haven’t reviewed. So it has been frustrating. I have really seen what goes on with nonprofits and what a mess it is to deal with the board, etc. I am used to the business world with deadlines and eagerness to make money. I feel like I have a lot to offer the CASA program in my area, both in development and recruiting of funding and volunteers but I don’t feel like I have a voice. My projects have to go through about five people before they are approved. It’s just not happening. Also, because my position is technically through AmeriCorps, my training for that has not even occurred yet. They want me to train in Boston at the end of November for four days. That’s a lot of time to leave the kids. That’s a lot of training for a job that I am already over-qualified for. I have asked my boss to meet with me to discuss working for the CASA office directly. We will see how it goes! All I know is that I’ve been stressing about it way too much for a job that I’m not even getting paid for (yet)!


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