Enough with Public School

This week is the end of the first quarter. By the beginning of next quarter, I may have pulled all my kids out of public school in favor of our local private Christian school. I made it one quarter before I was disgusted. I am so over our systems in America being broken. The foster care system is broken. The public school system is broken. I am only one person but I will advocate for our children as much as I can. We cannot let down our children!

We’ve had issues in school with Anne’s work and issues with her school and not being heard. We’ve had issues with her struggling at home but her teachers and administrators are not worried. We’ve had concerns that Huck is being bullied. While the young man has so much to ponder and digest, the last thing he needs is to be picked on at school. A place that should be safe from worry or harm. He’s had  some serious behaviors and regression stemming solely from what I believe is other children’s behavior at school. I’ve heard bits and pieces of what he’s willing to share but I don’t like it one bit.

I went with Madeline today to tour the local private school and meet with the administrator there.

It was awesome. They have five core tenants: Christ centered, Parent Partnership, Excellence in Education, Individualized Attention and Community Minded. Not only do I feel that their academic expectations are on par with mine and my husband’s, but I feel a real sense that they try to establish character as we do at home.

Maybe if these kids weren’t shoved on a dozen different families in their short lives they might have better self esteem. Maybe if they weren’t horribly neglected they might not lie or talk back. Maybe if they were around more respectable people in their early lives they might act with respect towards adults.

But since they don’t, I almost feel like they need a schooling in proper manners, behavior and help with principles such as trust and respect. We work on these at home all the time but I feel like in a private school I would have back up from the teachers and staff at the school. I want to shelter them and surround them with wonderful, loving, helpful people in the hopes that they will mimic these behaviors and not the ones they’ve seen most of their lives.

The school is small, about 325 kids. They have art, music, gym, chapel and even Spanish once a week. They have several different programs in place for students that might be behind in one or more subjects. Their students grades 1-5 eat lunch together. They provide bus transportation. 90% of their students go on to college after high school graduation.

I went with Anne in mind, to help her get back on track and figure out some of the fundamental knowledge that she is missing. I left thinking that all of the kids need to attend. They pro-rate the tuition for each child and the fourth is free so even Madeline could go to the same school as her siblings! She would be so excited for that.

Next step is to have the kids visit the school and talk about how they feel about switching schools.


3 thoughts on “Enough with Public School

  1. Christy K. says:

    Finding the right school for our little guy took so much work and was so challenging, but after months of discouragement and being a squeaky wheel, we got him into a school with all of the right services (and, more importantly, people!) to place around him to provide the structure and support he needed to thrive academically and socially. I hope this school is just the right fit for you, and that you can manage it financially. Praying for you all this week!

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