Weekend Away: Anxiety 101

This past weekend I went away. Alone. I will let that sink in.

I drove an hour and a half to an airport, took a flight, spent two nights away from home, then flew to the airport and drove an hour and half back to my house. All by myself!

It was strange. I felt like I was always missing something (and I was).

I went down to North Carolina for my nephew’s first birthday. I had planned to take at least one child with me (probably Anne because she’s best on the airplane/easiest to put to bed). But with it costing over $300 per ticket (plus parking, etc), I went solo to save cash. Which meant that my loving husband was left without the primary caregiver of four rambunctious children!

We broke the news to the three oldest kids on Wednesday night. We wanted to give them enough time to process it and ask any questions but also not too much time that they would worry or be anxious for the whole school week. They reacted pretty much how I expected them to react with their primary caregiver leaving them. They sobbed. They were very upset. My husband rarely is home with all four all by himself, so they were worried about being taken care of (especially with slight coughs). They were probably also concerned about my return. They cried for a while and then asked a bunch of question like what happens if I don’t get cell service where I am going. They had a few more questions on Thursday but in general just acted with anxiety. They get like crazed squirrels when they are worried or anxious. They lash out in anger and yell when they are challenged. So Hubby and I were prepared for this type of behavior.

I told Madeline on the way to preschool Friday morning. Because we spend most of every day together, and she’s too young to really process what it means for me to be away that long, I didn’t want her to worry. I let her know that Hubby would pick her up from school and that I would see her Sunday. She was like, ok. And went about her business.

Luckily my mother in law was able to come in Friday evening and leave Sunday morning. My poor husband was stuck with four crazed squirrels running around the house. They tried to work him over on everything. Asking for sweet treats and pushing back bedtimes. Crying over every re-direction or criticism. I am happy to say that he survived! And I will have to go out of town more often because my mother in law had the kids clean the house, do dishes, and laundry! So I came home and it was clean and tidy, just the way I left it!

While I was on the airplane I even read half a book! I started Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton and it is amazing. I definitely recommend it!


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