Keeping Home

This afternoon I got THE call from a gentle but fruity lady to schedule Huck’s counseling!! Finally the call that I’ve been waiting for! Maybe it was karma because I blogged about it yesterday??

We have a counseling “team” assigned to our family. One is female and one is male, which I like especially for Huck. The counselor asked if we were ready for this intensive of counseling and I was like, YES! Please yes! We need help! She actually has met and counseled the children before (she didn’t say when but I am guessing from the services that this program provides that it was when they returned to their bio parents for a year in 2011) and she said she wasn’t shocked that Huck had so much developmental issues but she was shocked at how quickly we asked for help and requested such an intensive service. I was shocked that four months is quick, especially for a child that has been in care for five years! She said that we will have sessions just for Huck, we will have sessions with the whole family, we will have sessions with just Huck and me, and some sessions will just be Huck and Hubby. So it sounds like it’s a long but badly needed journey! Because the kids have a half day of school tomorrow she said they’d love to come out.

I can’t wait to meet the counseling team tomorrow and see how this will play out!


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