Skipping Adoption Day Activities

Yesterday Hubby and I signed our subsidy agreement and our petition to adopt. We are all set and will have our finalization hearing Friday afternoon. Our kids have voted unanimously to skip the Adoption Day activities and lunch on Friday prior to our hearing because they are held at the Children and Youth office where the kids had visits with their parents.

This article is so on point right now. As a mom it’s hard to put into words but this adoptee is so eloquent. Our kids are going crazy with anxiety and confusion. There is no excitement in our house for Adoption Day. We are just ready to get past this point so we can heal and move on. It is not easy to celebrate a day that is filled with such sadness or to expect happiness and smiles from children who don’t understand why they can’t live with their parents any longer.


3 thoughts on “Skipping Adoption Day Activities

    • It is so helpful to be prepared for those kinds of emotions. All of our family and friends keep saying how excited everyone must be for the adoption and we have to say “uh, no they aren’t at all.” We don’t even consider that maybe we’re asking them to be excited for our own feelings and not their own!

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