Well, Poop

Warning: gross content!

We are having an issue right now with one of the new kids and toilet training. We originally had some issues upon placement but that seemed to go away for a while (the child became overly constipated). Now we are dealing with either poop or pee in this child’s underwear EVERY SINGLE DAY. I cannot handle it. This is an elementary school child. I can’t find enough articles on Google to read because none seem to address our particular issue. I keep hoping that counseling will help since I do believe it’s rooted in anger/sadness/frustration/control. But in that same token I don’t really believe this child was ever properly toilet trained. As Hubby said, “kids are potty trained when they are toddlers because they are home all day. How do you potty train a kid that is in school all day?”

This weekend we kept a timer close and had said child use the toilet every 30 minutes. We seemed to be making progress until Sunday night when the child had a fit about something unrelated and either did not make it to the bathroom on time or purposely soiled the underwear.

Today I went out and bought diapers. This child has gone through so many pairs of underwear and I refuse to purchase any more until the child is toilet trained. So many of the days the underwear is just thrown out because it’s too much for me to even oxyclean.

We have tried all of the methods we’ve found online to work through this issue but at the end of the day it does not phase this child at all. Even wearing diapers is a non-issue. I don’t know how to handle a child that you can neither reward nor punish. If they don’t care enough to strive for a reward and don’t care about their consequences, how can you affect their behavior??


2 thoughts on “Well, Poop

  1. I use to have my daughter wash out her own underwear by hand. I know it is gross but when she messed she would have to clean it. She peed or pooped on the floor, she cleaned it. Eventually she got sick of having to do it and stopped. I don’t know if that will help but it encouraged her.

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