Room Situation

Since the kids were officially adopted last Friday, we changed around the room configuration on Saturday while my parents were in town and we had some extra hands. Because of the state regulations, Huck had to sleep alone at our house while he was in foster care because he’s over 5 so he can’t share a room with the opposite sex.

Now Anne and Madeline share a room and Huck and Scarlett are bunked in a room. Anne and Scarlett bicker like most sisters and Scarlett had a habit of waking Anne up WAY too early. So they had to be split. Huck has been waiting and waiting to share a room again. He doesn’t like sleeping alone and isn’t used to it at all. So he was super excited to have a roomie. I think eventually Huck and Madeline will share and the two older girls will share but until Huck can get his behavior under control it’s easiest not to have Madeline in there with him since she’s on a different sleeping schedule than the others.

They all get up at the same time in the morning since they are going to the same school and I will start work next week. It works well to have Madeline in with a big kid because I like for her to get used to sharing a room. She’s been alone for most of her three and a half years so I know it will take some getting used to. It’s most difficult when she’s sick but Anne is a good roommate for her and loves to dote on her. The other night Madeline woke up because she had a cough so Anne got her a drink of water and they cuddled in Anne’s bed for the rest of the night. This is big for someone who was used to being an only child for 99% of her life!

The new room configuration has also helped with the girls’ messiness. The older girls were just having a rough time keeping their room tidy and dirty clothes in the hamper. They fed off of each other’s messiness. It is important to me to have them learn basic cleaning skills and learn tidiness because of their environment at their biological parents’ house. For me it is an important distinction and life skill for them to keep their rooms picked up.

I shared a room with my sister until I was in 5th grade. Then I moved into a teeny tiny guest room that could best be described as a closet. I know that Anne will need her own room and privacy soon but right now with our home layout this is what works best. Because we share rooms for most of our lives, I do think it is good for the kids not to be accustomed to sleeping alone. Especially since we do homework at the dining room table and we have a playroom, there is no need to spread the kids out when all they do is sleep and get dressed in their rooms!




4 thoughts on “Room Situation

  1. Are you an HGTV addict like me? I love a lot of the home buying/home makeover shows, but one of things that really gets me is that people feel that their kids must have their own bedrooms. It can be a really great experience for kids to share rooms!!

    My two kids loved sharing rooms and even when they had a choice to have their own, wanted to be together. It’s so nice to have someone right there, to know you’re not alone.

    It was a hard day when we had to separate them into different rooms because one’s a boy and one’s a girl, and at a certain age, it’s just no longer feasible.

    So cheers to you for letting your kiddos enjoy each other’s company while they can!

    • Yes!! I love all of the home makeover/home renovation shows! The house we moved into in January had wallpaper all throughout the downstairs. Faux (styrofoam) wood beams in the kitchen. My husband thought I was insane. Now that I’ve taken everything down and put up a fresh coat of paint he’s a believer!

      It is crazy how focused families are today to find homes so that every child can have their own room. We spend most of our lives sharing rooms so we might as well start young!

      I’m glad there are others with my opinion and I’m not crazy!

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