Sheer Exhaustion

This was my first week on the new job… 20 hours as the office manager for our local CASA program. It’s an awesome group of women working hard for local kids. But man, I am exhausted!

The kids’ behavior this week has rivaled some since the beginning. The whining and crying just did me in. It’s a fight every day. We’re still having toileting issues. We’re having some adjustment to the new room configurations and early rising.

My mother is visiting for the week too and we’ve had a lot to get done so I haven’t had a moment of rest.

We met with the Family Behavioral therapists twice this week (once with just me, once with all the kids). I really can’t imagine my life now without June and her pearls of wisdom. This week we made the goal of working on “calm parental presence.” The next couple of weeks she will schedule activities with the children that promote this goal.

We started with the Adoption Prep class through our agency. The kids are working on lifebooks which is so interesting.

Anne had a quiz or test every day this week and is really struggling. Today she had to owe recess because she was having such a hard time on her history test. Hubby and I are trying to figure out what to do with her since the private school seems overwhelming. She loves it, she loves the kids and the teachers. She gets Spanish once a week which she adores. But if she keeps failing her classes due to lack of focus and organization I just can’t justify the expense. We are hoping that as she gets more comfortable and set into the routine that she will start trying her best.

That was my week! Hopefully I will be set more next week to update on our progress with the therapists and school.


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