School Days

Besides being adopted and changing rooms, the kids all started at the private Christian school down the road from us. They love it and I love it. Anne is started getting math help after two days. While she was at the public school for 9 weeks she had no help. The educational expectations are closer to what Hubby and I expect. They don’t have to wear uniforms but there is a dress code and I’ve read many studies regarding what the kids wear versus their seriousness in the classroom. I am glad that they have to dress up. School is their job, and everyone has either a uniform or professional dress code for their office. Hubby and I both like the structure and culture at the school. Everyone is so nice, all the time. They also foster a sense of community and push for community service in all of the classes. Anne’s class is going to a local senior facility to sing their chorus songs and they are also collecting new or used stuffed animals for a nonprofit that sends them to children in Africa. I think it helps with a sense of belonging too. The children are excited to see their classmates and go to school. While I realize that this will not always be the case, they have made it two weeks at their school and I can already tell improvements in their reading and math skills and comprehension.

The other plus is that Madeline is at the same school. I don’t have to fight with her any longer to drop off the big kids, wait an hour, then go to her preschool. She is actually in the afternoon preschool class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So I drop her off in the morning those days just like I drop off the big kids, she goes to daycare for a few hours in the morning before her class. Then I pick her after her class in time to get the big kids! She loves it and would go every day if I let her. But I still enjoy having her home on Tuesdays and Thursdays, plus she really needs a day in between to relax.

The kids have a short week this week because of Thanksgiving and they are having some major celebrations at school for the Pilgrims who escaped religious persecution and came to America. I guess I never thought about Thanksgiving being a religious holiday but they do it big at the Christian school! When my mom visited last week she loved that they would come home singing kids Christian songs. They are so passionate about it and I like the morals that it helps reinforce.


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